Youth Detached Programme - Penn Fields

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Base 25 introduces free activities for children and young people 18 and under, who live in Penn Fields every Wednesday & Friday 1pm-2.30pm!

Including: Racket Sports, Foot Golf, Football Rounders, Scavenger Hunt, Magnet Fishing, Juggling Workshop, Cricket, Noodle Tag & a Base25 Sports Day .

For more information please email, please include the young persons name, age, contact number and postcode. Alternatively, contact Base 25 on 01902 572 040.

IMPORTANT: Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, our activites are designed to be in line with the current guidelines in place. Should any changes in the guidelines affect our work, please refer to our facebook page for changes in service.

Age: 18 and under

Date: Wednesday's and Friday's

Where: Penn Fields

Time: 1pm and 2.30pm

Cost: All activities are FREE for young people from Penn Fields

Booking: To secure your place, please email